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For a short information about our library in English language:

Guide_to_HLB_Wuppertal_2017  (pdf)

Guide to  the Hochschul- and Landeskirchenbibliothek Wuppertal

The HLB Wuppertal is an Institution for Theological research and a public library. It serves the research, the teaching and studying at the Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal (Protestant University Wuppertal), as well as the church related practice of all the Institutions of the Theological Centre Wuppertal, and the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland. Besides the reference collection of the Landeskichliche Bibliothek at the church headquarters in Düsseldorf it functions as an official library for the Church. As a public scientific institution the library is open for anyone who is interested.

The HLB Wuppertal owns a stock of about 200.000 media and about 200 journals with standing order on subscription. Almost all the stock at Wuppertal is freely accessible as an open shelf library. With the exception of the specially signed reference collection the books are lendable.

There is a scanner at the ground flour and there is a copy-machine in the basement. This one operates with copy cards. These cards are available at the counter (you do not need to buy a card of your own) and can be charged at the vending machine in the basement. One copy costs 6 Cent. Also you can start a print-order from our computers on the floors: the pages will be printed at the counter and each page costs 6 Cent as well. For any question or for more information please don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff at the counter on the ground floor: our staff will be pleased to help you.

On the floors you will find computers with access to the Internet as well as to the Online Catalogue (OPAC) of the Library on our homepage (; furthermore to the virtual collective catalogue for Theology and Church (VThK), to a Meta-Catalogue (KVK) to show more than 4 Million Media from church- and scientific Libraries in Germany and Austria, to databases for the Science of Religion (for example ATLA/ATLAS) as well as to other theologically relevant databases on the Internet.

The library publishes a list of its new acquisitions, which is also published on the homepage. In the showcases at the ground floor you will find book-exhibitions on actual topics. For more information you may have a look on our homepage (

The books are stored according to the theological classification system

(Bonner classification system) over the 5 floors of the building as follows:


Main entrance / Ground floor                                                               shelf marks

Denominations and Sects                                                                            N

Ecumenism, Missiology, Science of Religion                                             O

Journals (actual volume)                                                                               separate shelf

Reference Books                                                                                            separate shelf

New acquisitions                                                                                            separate shelf

Information and lending counter

Library administration

First Floor

Religious environment of the Bible

Antiquity / Archaeology                                                                                   C

Judaism                                                                                                               C

General Biblical Sciences                                                                                 D

Old Testament                                                                                                   E

New Testament                                                                                                  F

Second Floor

Church History                                                                                                 H

History of Theology and Dogmatics                                                             K

Philosophy                                                                                                        L

Systematics                                                                                                      M


Practical Theology / Pastoral Theology / Religious Education                Q

Pedagogy, Psychology                                                                                    P


Universalia                                                                                                       A

General Theology                                                                                           B

History                                                                                                              G

Supporting Sciences:

Economics and Social Sciences                                                                    S

Law and Political Sciences                                                                            T

Cultural Sciences, Linguistics, Music, Art, Ethnology, Geography          U

Natural Sciences, Medicine                                                                          W

Varia                                                                                                                  Z


Interdisciplinary Journals                                                                            BAc

Card-Operated Photocopier

An den Anfang scrollen